History of the Bank
In 1884 Richard Winsor and Horace Snover built a sturdy, fireproof bank to serve Port Austin's burgeoning agricultural community. The two-story red brick building was the center of Winsor and Snover´┐Żs leading banking, real estate, and insurance business for an entire ten years. In 1894, former Michigan governor Albert E. Sleeper purchased the building and housed in it the new Port Austin State Bank. In the years following, the building also housed the Port Austin Township Library, a dentist office, and a bicycle repair shop. 73 years later, in 1957, the Port Austin State Bank moved to it's new location a block east of the Winsor Snover Bank Building, leaving it abandoned for the succeeding 25 years. In 1982, Tony & Marily Berry rescued the building from it's abandonment by taking on the challenge of restoring and converting the old bank into a restaurant. The Bank 1884 Food & Spirits opened its door on July 18th, 1984, one hundred years after Winsor and Snover first opened their door to the same building.

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